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Kids' Mania is the Anuman's label totally dedicated to youth. Applications, softwares and applications for Kids under 0-6 years old are released under this label.
Key features : more than 70 mobiles applications based on worldwide famous licenses (Little Hero, Bali, Paddington, Garfield, My Little Cook...)
Kids Mania platforms
Some Kids Mania products
The 3 Little Pigs - Search and find

The "Have fun with..." collection proposes to retell classic tales loved by kids with fun dialogues and mini-games.

Little Boy - Oscar's police car

Taken from “Little Boy” children’s books collections (500,000 books sold per year in France), the “Little Boy - Oscar's police car” application offers children the chance to discover the police profession through an interactive story.

Little Hero - Super-Hero

Play Teddy, the masked superhero and run to cats' rescue and other characters in distress in Little Hero - Super-Hero videogame.

My Little Cook - CAKES

Carrot Cake, chocolate pudding and kiwi lollipops ... Have fun and discover these easy, original, and tasty recipes in "My Little Cook". You can even try them at home!

Little Girl - Harriet plays at being a vet

Based on the exceedingly cute collection of books "Little Girl", the application "Harriet plays at being a vet" features a fun, interactive story, giving kids a chance to find out what it's like to be a vet.